Migratory Bird Day 2020
Week 2
Origami for families!
3 D unit origami models
#d unit origami pieces are a puzzle to put together
Great Fun Penquins for all  to see!
Paper Craft Penquin
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Gilads Models
Colorful penquins and papers
Check All these Penquins!!
Make displays with your origami
Folding Baby Penquins
Enlarge to see instructions
Simple Penguin Folding
Folding Money penquins
Money Folding
How do penquins swim?
Do penguins migrate
Migration Habits of penguins
How do penquins launch themselves
Video of swimming
Emperor Penguins
Nakashima model
Spanish Instrutions
 A fun model to fold
Tips for folding origami

Start with simple  &  easy models

Use  6 X 6 inch squares or bigger
for   learning  your   origami!

Paper with color on one side and white on the other side is easier for beginner folder and small hands   or younger folders.

Folding is always better when an adult is helping children with their first   folding attempts.   Practice makes it easier.

Take your  time.   Go slow,  Watch   YouTube videos and how their hands work, is a best way to start   folding!!

This   is  week  2 of   4  offerings for family,  For adults and children!    
If you did not see week  one for the Swam  click the button below!
Next   week  is  another   migrating  bird for you to fold and learn about...  can you take a guess as what we will fold?

See you next week!  
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Terry Nicolas folded these giant penguins for a Christmas storefront. Apparently it took one hour to fold each penguin and he doesn’t like penguins so much any more…