The  Migrating Pelican
    The Origami  Folded Pelican
Our very own Klamath Falls  Visiting  Migratory Bird -  The Pelican    for  Week  Four   Ends The Origami Pages with this fantastic   bird  !!
Ten inteesting facts about pelicans!
Wet folded from a square of double-sided mulberry paper by Gilad Aharoni  and below print the name of the folder of Gilads model   Hoang Tien Quyet
Paper art is a fun activity
Simple, is it a swan or a pelican?
A Beautifully folded pelican
Wall art paper pelican
Joseph wu   pelican
Folded by Gilad Aharoni
Maybe this will be a favority story
Look up these books in your library
Imagine the view from  up there!
There are loads of stories about pelicans
Place your cursor on a photo of pelicans or origami pelicans, book, map and more to see the links attached to these pelican offerings!!.
Click on photos with the   * to see videos for folding  or learning about the pelican.
​At the end of the day the pelican do the dance.  Here they are   the Three Pelicans  !!
Pelicans love to fly or  soar  in formation
​When it comes time to migrate they fly  together!!
Pelicans   eat - above!    and   Pelican  nest - Below 
Notice how they hold their neck when they fly!
Here are some simple origami pelican to try to fold !!!