Origami Designs has been officially established since the year 2000.   As an artist  I have been practicing and sharing origami (as Origami Designs) for many years prior to 2000, the business was  established as "my business officially in that year.

As an artist, OrigamiDesigns.com allows me to share my work, sell origami designs and creations that serve to bring art, beauty, joy, fun, and much more to my life and that of my clients, students, friends, and strangers.  As an artist the www.origamidesigns.com allows me to interact and reach many peoples around the world.  

In business and as a business, I strive always to represent the art form honestly and with professionalism, this includes models folded to sell, commissioned works contracted with clients, students and teaching, items I design and sell or exhibit, and in all areas that my work encompasses.  

In the end, the integrity of the artist and the product is what represents me personally and my work.   
I strive always to give the best of myself and the artform and always conduct business negotiations with honesty and integrity. 

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Comissioned artworks, models, origami designs:

Comissioned artworks might include origami sculpture, origami "tsuru mosaics" (works made from 1000 folded pieces of origami for example), origami models. items including bouquets and other items, large wedding or event and exhibit origami pieces, may all be included in commissioned work.   Everything I do is to avoid potential bad feelings,  angry responses,  and or disappointments from clients with finished works. 
Even the most professional practices, cannot prevent this from clients  or even potential clients, who bring   unrealistic expectations  or who wish to "bully an artist" into taking a commission.  Please read on.... 

By the shere nature of the work, a contract with the client might or might not be signed before work is begun.
In this area specifically, I as the artist conduct negotiations and business with the integrity of the art and professionalism with business practices in mind at all times.   

I  alone decide to accept or not accept work on a commissioned basis.    I am under no obligation to take, agreed to, or accept to do work, for anyone, company, person or client , who comes to OrigamiDesigns to request a commissioned work.  

Origami is my passion and as such, I select works that continue to enrich my working artist endeavors and provide a product that will be to the standards of pleasure and excellence that I would demand from myself and would be expected from a client.   If I do not have the time or resources or for any reason feel I cannot complete a work of that excellence or satisfaction to a potential client, I will not accept the commission.  

Many things are considered by an artist before contracting and/or accepting a commission.   I try to detail the processes and my practices up front to potential clients, and  I request specifically that clients commissioning a work such as an "origami mosaic" for event, exhibit, office display, interior or architectural display, read the FAQ's  and sign in the contract that they have indeed been advised of these concerns, practices and issues involving a commissioned art work.  Once the work is started it cannot be stopped or money refunded.  Each work is unique for the client and cannot be sold to another client.    Each work is different and unique,  No two bouquets, or mosaics, or models will be exactly the same.   There are no refunds once the work is paid for it is shipped as promised.     Artworks have a long life,  only for as long as they are in the original frame.  If that frame is opened or the work is reframed Origami Designs.com has no control over the artistic quality of the work.  

Some points below: 

-  When communicating with potential clients about an artwork the key to successfully working on commission is the ability to be flexible and have good communication with the prospective client.

-  Each commission is considered on a case by case basis.   If I don't feel  that the initial communication or work between myself and a potential client is going well, I might then suggest we not proceed.  I might even make recommendation of another artist more suited to the project than myself.

- If it becomes evident that negotiations for a space in my work calendar is not progressing, or that I at any time do not have the space on my calendar to proceed with the contract negotiations, I will notify the client.   

I will not take work that I do not have the time to properly complete or execute to be the best of my artistic abilities or that will produce a work satisfactory and pleasing to the potential client.  

-  Each artwork is to be unique and not a duplicate of another artists' work.  Clients can and do present me with design ideas of what they have seen or like.  I will always inform and remind a client of artist ethics, that I will not duplicate or copy exactly another artists work!   Their design will be unique and individual to them, and I do the design work that produces the finished product.   OrigamiDesigns holds the copyright to the work that OrigamiDesigns executes for a client.    If you want me to copy exactly the work of another, I cannot and will not take the commission.  We will discuss these policies and they are detailed in the FAQ's at the website online for the client to read and review.

-  I will always review with the client the process, and remind them in advance of signing the contract for a commissioned work, that the end result is a result of the artistic talent of the artist doing the work.  In the case of an origami artwork with 1000 pieces or whatever the number and models included in the design, the exact work and result of placement cannot be determined specifically in color or placement in advance.    I strive to make the work as close as possible to the design sketches or photos used to book the order and results in the signing of the contract for the commission.   This is all discussed prior to booking a commissioned order.

- If at some point in this early process of negotiation on the design and before signing of a contract, I determine that the prospective client might have unrealistic expectations that seem difficult to fulfill,  I will turn down  or not accept the commission.   This is the most fair and professional practice for the client and for Origami Designs and my integrity as an artist.  

Details on payments for the artwork or origami items for sale, especially commissioned artworks are spelled out on the FAQ page at the website and in emails between the prospective client and OrigamiDesigns.com.

- I always strive to make the client knowledgeable about the process with me the artist, about the policies and procedures, even about progress reports.  This also is detailed on the FAQ page at the website.
I encourage questions up front,  & I will send and give progress reports.  I will not share photos of the design and execution process with the client.  Designs are to be approved or finalized within reason, before the work is to begin.   This process is detailed on the FAQ page at the website, and in the signed contract.  

Ultimately, I as the artist, must decide what commission I will accept.  Peace of mind is  important to me as an artist for the client and for myself.   I strive to give the most information ahead of time to educate the prospective client as to my polices, processes and procedures to ensure this peace of mine.   The better the client understands how I work and do business,  the better  for the client to appreciate the relationship I must establish before the work begins.  

Comments from an established well-known artist and expert in the field of origami art and ethics:

About Origami as an art form,  intellectual property rights, reproducing work, and more  from another well known and respected origami artist:

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Comments from an established well-known artist and expect in the field of origami art and ethics:

About Origami as an art form,  intellectual property rights, reproducing work, and more  from another well known and respected origami artist: